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In the dynamic landscape of Tampa’s real estate market, discerning homebuyers and sellers seek the expertise of the city’s top-notch real estate professionals. As the demand for exceptional service grows, identifying the crème de la crème becomes imperative. In this feature, we unveil the coveted list of ‘The Top 10 Real Estate Agents in Tampa,’ shedding light on the accomplished individuals who have mastered navigating the diverse and competitive Tampa Bay real estate scene.

Maneuvering through the labyrinth of Tampa’s real estate market requires a skilled and knowledgeable guide, and these top agents have repeatedly proven themselves. From waterfront properties to trendy urban dwellings, each agent on this list has demonstrated a keen understanding of the local market trends, providing their clients with unparalleled insights. Whether negotiating the best deal or showcasing a property’s unique selling points, these professionals stand out for their exceptional commitment to client satisfaction.

In this list, we delve into the success stories and strategies that have propelled these agents to the pinnacle of the Tampa real estate scene. As we explore their achievements, it becomes evident why these individuals have earned the esteemed title of top real estate agent in Tampa. Stay tuned as we uncover the stories behind the success and unveil the expertise that sets these professionals apart in Tampa’s thriving real estate market.

1.Bettina Reisenauer-Grimsley

imageBettina Reisenauer-Grimsley

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Bettina Reisenauer-Grimsley, a Realtor & Corporate Relocation Specialist at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group, offers expertise and dedication that sets her apart from the competition. With 20 years of local experience, she has earned a stellar reputation for her work in purchasing, selling, and marketing luxury properties.

Bettina’s specialization in assisting corporate relocation clients and expats makes her unique. A remarkable 80% of her clients come from out of state or abroad, often unfamiliar with the Tampa Bay area. Bettina’s deep understanding of the needs of new residents, including choosing the right neighborhood and navigating the local amenities, ensures a smooth transition.

In addition to her CRS (Corporate Relocation Specialist) certification, Bettina holds several other titles, including Military Relocation Specialist, Certified New Home Sales Professional, and Accredited Buyer’s Representative. Her track record is equally impressive, having won the Top 6% President’s Award and earned a place in the President’s Club since 2018.

Bettina Reisenauer-Grimsley’s network and market knowledge allows her to provide tailored solutions, making relocations stress-free. She takes pride in delivering a personalized, customer-centric approach that helps her clients find their dream homes and communities.

2. David Augello

imageDavid Augello

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David Augello, the Founder of Augello Homes Keller Williams South Tampa in Florida, brings a unique blend of experience and passion to the world of real estate. 

Before his foray into the real estate industry, David spent over 20 years in an executive position at a prominent Florida grocery chain and involved in his neighborhood’s home owners association. During his tenure, he honed exceptional customer service skills, managing teams and serving diverse customers. The experience laid the foundation for his current success in real estate.

David’s motto, ‘I will answer your question before you have to ask,’ underscores his emphasis on communication. He prioritizes making the real estate journey as smooth as possible for his clients, ensuring they feel comfortable throughout the process.

‘Putting People First,’ David’s slogan, embodies his belief that by treating people right, everything else falls into place. He also engages with his community, sponsoring local events, schools, and his neighborhood’s homeowners association. 

With accolades like being a top producer for Keller Williams, a 2022 Best Realtor award from VanDyk Mortgage, and maintaining a 5-star rating on Google, David Augello’s expertise and dedication to customer service make him an exceptional choice for anyone seeking to buy or sell their home in the vibrant Tampa area.

3. Debbie Breaw

imageDavid Augello

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Debbie Breaw, a distinguished Broker Associate at eXp Realty in Tampa, is a seasoned professional with a thorough understanding of the local real estate market. As a current resident of Tampa, FL, Debbie possesses a deep insight into market trends, enabling her to secure optimal client deals. Her commitment to personalized service sets her apart; Debbie prioritizes building solid relationships, emphasizing her client’s needs throughout the process.

With a wealth of achievements, Debbie holds a Broker’s License and an impressive array of certifications, including Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI), Seller Representative Specialist (SRS), Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR), Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), and Military Relocation Professional (MRP). With over 30 years of government service, Debbie leverages her extensive skills in interpersonal communication and analysis to navigate the complexities of the real estate industry.

Debbie’s dedication extends beyond transactions; her slogan, ‘HOME: Helping Others Move Easily,’ encapsulates her commitment to making the real estate journey smooth and stress-free. When buyers and sellers choose Debbie Breaw, they’re not just getting a real estate expert—they gain a trusted partner dedicated to getting the job done right.

4. Wesley Weber

imageDavid Augello

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Wes Weber, the Broker and Owner of Inspired Realty, LLC in Tampa, stands out as a prominent figure in the competitive world of real estate. What sets him apart from his peers is a unique blend of qualities that make him a top real estate broker in the Tampa Bay area.

Wesley’s success stems from his extensive local knowledge, exceptional negotiation skills, and proven track record of successful deals. His commitment to providing personalized and attentive service to each client is unwavering, ensuring a seamless real estate experience. Moreover, he quickly adapts to the dynamic real estate market and boasts a strong network of connections, distinguishing him from the rest.

One of Wesley’s key attributes is his dedication to staying updated on the ever-evolving real estate landscape. He actively networks with other real estate professionals to remain at the forefront of market trends, legal changes, and best practices. As a top 99% ‘Best of Zillow’ team, Wesley Weber and Inspired Realty hold industry-leading conversion ratios, highlighting their expertise in getting deals done for their clients.

5. Michael Tate

imageMichael Tate

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Michael Tate, Vice President – Realtor at Renaissance Realty Group in Tampa, stands out in the real estate industry with local knowledge, academic insight, and an unswerving commitment to his clients. 

As a South Tampa native, Michael has a genuine connection to the community and has called the area home for over 25 years. He specializes in luxury residential properties and off-market commercial development, consistently delivering outstanding results for his clients.

Michael’s journey began when he led his high school football team to an 8A State Championship win, later earning an induction into the H.B. Hall of Fame. He channels this discipline and integrity into his real estate career, ensuring the best outcomes for his clients.

With a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University’s Urban and Regional Planning program, Michael has a unique perspective on urban living, project development, and spatial design. He leverages this education and market knowledge to personalize his approach for each client.

Michael’s career took off with a remarkable first transaction, successfully guiding his sellers to a $1m sale, tripling their investment. His commitment to excellence has only grown since then, making him a go-to realtor in Tampa.

6. Antonea E. Nicole Heard, MBA

imageAntonea E. Nicole Heard, MBA

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Antonea E. Nicole Heard, MBA, is a powerhouse in the real estate industry, making waves as a Realtor at Keller Williams Realty New Tampa office in Florida. Her fresh and dynamic approach sets her apart, reflecting a passion and dedication that few in the industry can match.

With a background working for Fortune 500 companies like Lockheed Martin and Deloitte, Antonea brings a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to her real estate career. Her two degrees, a Bachelor’s in Supply Chain Management and a Master of Business Administration, underscore her commitment to excellence.

Antonea boasts over $1.5 million in transaction volume (so far) which is a testament to her results-driven approach. Her client-centric philosophy ensures that each buyer, seller, renter, or investor receives a tailor-made strategy addressing their unique needs and objectives.

But what makes Antonea stand out is her unwavering dedication to her client’s success. Her motto, ‘Driving Solutions, Delivering Results,’ encapsulates her ethos. She’s not just chasing commissions; a desire to help her clients achieve their goals underpins everything she does.

Antonea Heard is a rising star in the real estate world, and her commitment, enthusiasm, and authenticity make her a force to reckon with.

7. Brian Walsh

imageBrian Walsh

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Brian Walsh, a distinguished Team Lead at SkyCoast Realty Group in Florida, stands out in real estate thanks to his commitment to excellence and unique approach to serving his clients. With a passion for connecting families to their ideal homes, he ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Brian’s expertise shines through in his ability to guide clients toward their goals, whether buying or selling. Sellers benefit from Brian’s thoughtful and strategic approach to maximize profitability in any market. His comprehensive preparation strategy ensures his clients’ homes stand out as the top choice.

Above all, he dedicates himself to providing genuine, transparent, client-focused service. He rejects aggressive sales tactics, instead sharing his invaluable experience openly and willingly. He is eager to educate clients about property details and potential challenges, fostering trust and facilitating a comfortable transition to the next chapter of their lives.

Brian’s accomplishments include recognition as one of RealTrends’ Top Agents in 2023, as well as achieving numerous accolades such as President’s Club membership and Centurion status. With his stellar track record of client success, Brian Walsh is a trusted partner in the real estate journey, helping clients save time and money while achieving their American dream.

8. Danielle Tringali

imageDanielle Tringali

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Meet Danielle Tringali, the Founder of Hello Luxury Group at RE/MAX Champions in Florida. With an impressive background and track record, Danielle is setting new standards in real estate. Her journey began over seven years ago with Tampa’s leading real estate team, where she honed her skills in negotiation, marketing, contracts, and client relationships.

In 2023, Danielle established Hello Luxury Group, which swiftly rose to prominence within her brokerage, RE/MAX Champions. Her passion for property dates back to childhood, and her work ethic is unwavering, as testified by numerous satisfied customers who praise her top-tier communication.

Advanced marketing expertise gained through her degree and experience in luxury home marketing sets Danielle apart from her peers. An impressive social media presence, three consecutive years in PropertySpark’s Top Tampa Realtors on Social Media, and recognition in Voyage Tampa Magazine and ESTATENVY Young Ones to Watch underscores her ability to connect with people.

Danielle’s impressive achievements further illustrate her expertise, including being nominated for Best of the Best by Tampa Bay Times and becoming a RE/MAX Platinum Team member in 2023. Above all, she gets the job done with first-rate service and a smile.

9. Tara Ross

imageTara Ross

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As a distinguished Broker Associate at Jason Mitchell Real Estate in Florida, Tara Ross has stood out in the competitive real estate industry through her unwavering dedication and expertise since her career began in 2004.

Tara doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all transactions. Instead, she takes the time to understand her clients’ unique needs and motivations, ensuring a tailored approach to their real estate journey. She prides herself on actively listening to her clients, making their dreams of finding the perfect home her top priority.

Moreover, her commitment to clients doesn’t end at the closing table. Tara values long-lasting relationships, continuing to stay in touch and provide support even after the transaction is complete. Furthermore, her impressive list of accreditations, including GRI, ABR, SRS, SFR, Veteran Certified, and Relocation Certified, reflects her dedication to staying versatile and up-to-date in the industry.

With a history of accomplishments, including membership in the Presidents Club, Tara Ross is a reputable real estate professional who ensures her clients’ journeys are as smooth and stress-free as possible. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, an investor, or relocating, Tara’s expertise and personalized approach make her an ideal choice for real estate needs in Tampa Bay.

10. Colony Reeves

imageColony Reeves

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Colony Reeves, a distinguished Real Estate Concierge at Allure Realty in Tampa, brings high-quality expertise to the dynamic Florida real estate market. Born and raised in Tampa, her deep-rooted connection to the area enhances her ability to guide clients seamlessly through their real estate journeys.

Colony is committed to building authentic relationships. She leverages her academic and professional experience to provide clients with the latest market trends and opportunities, ensuring a seamless and rewarding real estate experience. She is also known for prioritizing client needs and offering personalized solutions for finding a forever home, selling a property, or making strategic investments.

The Selling Tampa star’s mantra, ‘All is well,’ reflects her success-driven mindset and adaptability in overcoming challenges, while her passion, knowledge, and innovative approach guarantee optimal client outcomes. Prospective clients can rest assured that she will listen attentively to their goals and work diligently to transform them into reality, making their real estate experience smooth and successful.

Discovering the finest real estate agents in Tampa is an essential step for both buyers and sellers navigating the vibrant property market of 2024. Our exclusive feature, “Top 10 Real Estate Agents in Tampa,” unveils the most accomplished professionals adept at navigating the city’s diverse real estate landscape. From waterfront havens to chic urban abodes, these agents possess unparalleled expertise in every facet of Tampa’s dynamic market. With a deep understanding of local trends and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, they redefine excellence in the industry. Join us as we uncover the stories behind their success and showcase the strategies that have propelled them to the forefront of Tampa’s real estate arena. For those seeking the pinnacle of service and results, these top agents are the ultimate guides to achieving your real estate goals in Tampa.

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