SAN JOSE — Several employers have revealed plans to slash hundreds of Bay Area tech jobs in a disquieting reminder that staffing reductions are widening for the region’s sputtering economic engine.

Intel, Amazon, Kaiser and electric vehicle charging firm FreeWire Technologies have disclosed their intentions to conduct layoffs in the upcoming weeks and months, according to official notices filed with the state Employment Development Department (EDD).

Amazon fulfillment center at 888 Tennessee Street in San Francisco.(Google Maps)
Amazon fulfillment center at 888 Tennessee Street in San Francisco. (Google Maps)

All told, the four companies have disclosed their intentions to scrap 306 tech jobs in the Bay Area.

The layoffs are affecting workers in San Jose, Newark, Pleasanton, Oakland and San Francisco.

Here are the details of where these employers have decided to chop jobs and when the cutbacks will occur, according to the WARN letters sent to the state EDD:

— Intel, 75 job cuts in San Jose on Innovation Drive. These are slated to occur around May 31.

— Amazon, 85 layoffs in San Francisco on Tennessee Street. These will occur at an Amazon fulfillment center that is slated to permanently close. The reductions are scheduled for June 27.

— FreeWire Technologies, 113 staffing reductions in Newark on Gateway Boulevard. These are planned for the FreeWire headquarters site, which is closing permanently. The layoffs are due to take place June 24.

— Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, 44 job cuts in the Bay Area, consisting of 33 in Pleasanton and 11 in downtown Oakland. The affected workers in Pleasanton have job titles associated with tech work. The Kaiser layoffs are slated to occur around June 21. Kaiser is also cutting Southern California jobs.

The employers all described the layoffs as permanent.

Since the tech industry’s bouts of layoffs began more than two years ago, these 10 companies have eliminated the most tech jobs in the Bay Area. The period stretches from January 2022 to early May 2024:

— Facebook app owner Meta Platforms, 5,195 layoffs

— Tesla, 3,051 job cuts

— Google, 2,507 staffing reductions

— Cisco Systems, 1,754 layoffs

— Broadcom, 1,267 job cuts

— Salesforce, 1,202 staff cutbacks

— Intel, 1,064 layoffs

— Twitter, 900 job cuts

— PayPal, 772 staffing reductions

— LinkedIn, 711 layoffs

Ominously, Apple, for the first time in the current cycle, revealed plans for layoffs that included the Bay Area. The iPhone maker in recent weeks disclosed that it would chop 614 jobs in the region.

More than 42,300 tech jobs have been eliminated in the Bay Area since the current burst of tech industry layoffs erupted more than two years ago, this news organization’s review of WARN letters and the EDD’s public posts show. These Bay Area tech job losses arise from company layoff announcements made in 2022, 2023 and 2024.