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(KRON) — San Jose has just secured a $12.7 million fund for constructing 200 small homes for for the unhoused. These units will be located at a six-acre vacant site known as the VTA Cerone work yard, located in North San Jose, San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan’s office said on Friday.

“San Jose, like the rest of California, is tackling the humanitarian, fiscal and environmental crisis of homelessness,” said Mahan, who was just re-elected to a four-year term with 87% support last week.

San Jose has already built 499 small homes and has 584 more beds in the pipeline, excluding the 200 paid for by the state. In Mayor Mahan’s latest budget message earlier this week, he pushed for San Jose to explore even lower-barrier solutions for homeless residents, like safe sleeping and parking sites.

“This is a crisis that will take focus and action from every level of government to solve – and I’m grateful to the Governor for leaning in to help cities address the immense human suffering on our streets faster and more cost-effectively,” Mahan said.

After the Governor’s announcement was made last March, San Jose selected a site that was approved by the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board in October. The site, known as Cerone, is located in north San Jose.

“Together, we can end the era of encampments by building safe, dignified shelters and prioritizing in-patient mental health care and addiction treatment.”

The Cerone Interim Housing Community is expected to open in 2025. The Governor’s press release on the state’s effort to deliver small homes can be found here.

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