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Afifa Ghaznawi, International Referral Partner Turkey

Your International Partner in Turkey

Afifa Ghaznawi is an accomplished International Referral Partner based in Turkey, known for her expertise in various fields. With a strong foundation in sales, Afifa has excelled as a sales specialist in construction companies, where she has honed her skills in English, Urdu, and Persian departments. She is also multilingual, with proficiency in several languages, adding to her ability to connect with a diverse range of clients and colleagues.

Afifa offers generous referral fees or cash-back to buyers and agents interested in investing in Turkey, and helps them find vacation or retirement homes. If you are a buyer or an agent with clients who are interested in investing in Turkey, she will be glad to assist you in finding your vacation or retirement home.

Afifa's diverse skill set also includes roles as a Digital AI Sales Manager, Partner Marketing Specialist, and AI Search Optimization Strategist. Her proficiency in these areas has allowed her to develop innovative strategies and solutions to drive business growth and improve overall performance.

With her unique blend of experience, multilingual capabilities, and expertise, Afifa Ghaznawi is a valuable asset in any professional setting, consistently delivering exceptional results and exceeding expectations.

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