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SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) – A seven-bedroom home in Silicon Valley has hit the market for sale for just under $700,000.

That might sound like a bargain in the San Jose area, where the median price of a home is about $1.5 million, but the house is currently uninhabitable.

According to the listing, there is one major caveat … the property is condemned and no one is allowed to live in it.

The county found several code violations and has placed a sign on the front door regarding the notice.

The property is also in need of some love and care with the front yard missing grass and a shed appearing to be full of items that need to be removed.

But the property already has a pending offer, according to the realtor.

“Due to its prime location and zoning, this property not only attracted attention but also from those seeking mixed-use properties all eager to capitalize on the opportunity,” the property’s realtor shared in a statement.

Kelly O’Brien, an out-of-town visitor, said whoever bought the property will need to put in a lot of work as she once bought a condemned home out and renovated it.

“I cleaned it up and actually it looked kind of cute for two years, but I eventually had to knock it down,” she said.

According to the property’s realtor, the buyer will have to develop a plan and get the county’s approval.

“It might be a good deal for them, but it is kind of crazy to spend a lot of money for a condemned house,” O’Brien said.

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